Welcome to the mermaid of … Have you ever thought of exploring the world through the eyes of a mermaid? Now you can! Julie and Cassandra will take you on a tour of their homes.

Cassandra, Mermaid of curacao

Cassandra, mermaid of CuracaoCassandra lives in the tropical waters of Curaçao. She loves yummy food and hanging out at the beach with humans! She considers fish and turtles her friends, but is a bit scared of birds of prey. Cassandra will show you all the good parts of the island, and not just the beaches!  If you enjoy bright blue waters, palmtrees and nature, find her on Instagram (@mermaidofcuracao)

Julie, Mermaid of Tromø

Julie, Mermaid of TromsoJulie’s home is in the arctic waters of Tromsø, Norway. She is a bit shy, but is friends with many of the whales that visit her area. She loves making her human take her on hikes, seeing the seasons change and of course gazing up at the famous northern lights. Check her out on Instagram (@mermaidoftromso)

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