The mermaid of … was conceived because of two friends’ international moves; one went to tropical Curacao and the other one to arctic Tromsø (Norway).

Both of these places are right next to the water: which happens to be where mermaids live!


Cassandra’s human is Nelske Verbaas. She takes Cassandra everywhere, and tries to go snorkelling as often as possible when they are done taking pictures. Cassandra and Nelske are really passionate about clean beaches. They also want to promote local souvenirs and small scale tourism. Please consider supporting Curacaos’ artists and take something home that was made on the island, but leave the coral and wildlife alone.

Nelske has some mad knitting and crocheting skills. Did you know Cassandra was her first crochet project ever? Nelske works in Communications and blogs (in Dutch) on her website.

Julie’s human, Linde Faas, is an illustrator. Julie and Linde want to show you the beautiful nature of the Tromsø area. Whenever they find interesting plants or animals, be sure they will share them with you! Have you seen the midnight sun before? The Blue Light or the Northern Lights? Let Julie and Linde be your guide.

Linde has illustrated numerous (well-received) books. You can find out more about her on her website.

Want to read the mermaids’ bios? Check out our Welcome page


Mermaids come in all shapes and sizesYes, Cassandra and Julie are sisters. It might sound a bit weird to us humans because their skin colour isn’t the same, but mermaids just happen to come in all shapes and sizes, with fins and hair in all colours of the rainbow. It doesn’t matter to them, although they will complement each other on their hairdo or jewellery.

If you happen to see a mermaid when you are near the ocean, ask her anything. She might be a bit shy, but most mermaids will happily tell you about their sisters. Mermaids like to hang out at the beach and enjoy the sun and surf, so you‘ll know where to find them!

PlasticsCassandra on the beach

It’s no secret that Earth’s oceans are polluted with plastic waste. Mermaids and marine life suffer because of this. The oceans and beaches are ours too, please help to keep them clean. If you go to the beach, take your trash with you. Use less plastics; reusable is cool!

If you happen to live near the beach, you could organise a clean-up every now and then. Or just set the example. If we all do our part, collectively, we can keep the mermaids’ environment pristine and pretty, and save ourselves along with it.


If you’d like to make your own mermaid, you definitely can. Cassandra and Julie were both made using a pattern bought from Alison North. Alison is a UK-based amigurumi designer and sells many cute patterns in her Etsy shop, Kornflake Stew.

Cassandra and Julie are slightly altered, as they need to be able to move their arms and fins about to strike a pose for the camera.