I want one!

I want one!

Recently, we’ve been asked if there are mermaids out there looking for a human. If you want to make your own mermaid, you definitely can! Cassandra and Julie were both made using Alison North’s pattern. Alison is a UK-based amigurumi designer and sells many cute patterns in her Etsy shop, Kornflake Stew.

Please bear in mind Cassandra and Julie are slightly altered, as they need to be able to move their arms and fins about to strike a pose for the camera.


If the idea of crocheting your own mermaid seems daunting, but you really want one, we might be able to help you get in touch with one of our sisters. All of them are custom made by Nelske with love, patience and high quality yarn, using Alison North’s pattern as a base.

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